Where is My red Tie?

Panic is a loud thump that howls our worst fears. The magician Roland Kaszanyi is a protagonist of our age, an era where depression and anxiety invades our senses; where the control of the mind does not necessarily stay in one's power. Anxiety has become so common these days that even the youngest minds are prone to it. The film possesses the essential cinematic feel to communicate the uncertainty of the protagonist. It nurtures the social stigma associated with the mental scars inflicted upon the mind. The film stresses on the general anxiety arising from obsessive and compulsive overthinking and self-scrutiny of one's emotional state. It provides a vivid visualization of the transcending revolutions of the human mind, often caught in the endless loops of thoughts. No matter how hard one wishes or tries, at times it can be a herculean effort to escape from getting caught in the cobwebs of recurring thoughts. "Where is my red tie" is a conversation with our senses and offers no unnecessary preaching Prealba Film prende forma nel 2020 dalla collaborazione tra CKdoc e SPphotography, brand già impegnati in produzioni comuni in campo documentaristico (CNN Great Big Story, National Geographic – Unesco), industriale (SIL Saleri Italo e Sebine), pubblico (Comunità Montana Valle Trompia) e cooperativo (Andropolis).







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